Riegl Riegl VZ-1000 Inspection machine for electronics Low working hours

Year: 2010

Riegl VZ-1000 3D Laser Scanner - 3D scanner. The RIEGL VZ-1000 V-line terrestrial 3D laser scanner provides fast and contactless data acquisition for ranges up to 1,400 m using a narrow infrared laser beam and a fast scanning mechanism. The high range of laser accuracy is based on the unique RIEGL digitization echo technology and on-line wave analysis, which allows …

Conveyor 500mm

Year: 2022

Type PCB

3D scanner for small objects - LMI HDI 109 (Precalibrated) Low working hours

Year: 2017

Precalibrated non-contact 3D scanner. The scanner has the ability to scan small parts at a high level of accuracy. The HDI 109 is a turnkey solution that delivers a seamless 3D scanning experience from acquisition to post-processing of scans into a full digital 3D model. Includes: 1x HDI 109 sensor head (Blue Led) 1x USB dongle key (Software License) 1x …

7,050 €

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GB United Kingdom

Laser Power Supply


Laser Power Supply Spectra Physics Serial Number : J80-8SS42 100-240V, 50/60Hz 4 items. The price is for each one of those.

PROCENTEC Atlas 2 Inspection machine for electronics

Year: 2022

The Network Tap is a hardware device inserted in computer networks that allows non-invasive monitoring of the data flow in transit. Atlas 2 is designed for the permanent monitoring of industrial networks with single or mixed architectures. This second generation of the diagnostic tool enables detection and diagnosis at a much higher level.

RHEONIK RHE08 Inspection machine for electronics Hot deal

Year: 2015

Flowmeter RHEONIK Sets: sensor with tank + meter We have 3 sets of RHEONIK flowmeters used mainly for measuring and controlling the flow of thick liquids such as: oils.

Koh Young KY-8030-3, Aspire SPI machine

Year: 2018

Up for sale are multiple Koh Young KY8030 machines. Also 2 machines from 2012 and 2013 available. Voltage 220V.a.c Weight 550kg. Machines available NOW for pickup. Please ask for additional information if required. Feel free to make us an offer for 1 unit or multiple!

Lumonics JK702H Inspection machine for electronics

Year: 2002

Industrial YAG Laser Industrial laser head particularly suitable for continuous or spot micro-welding and also for precision cutting. Welding penetration <2 mm (0.08") and speed <1.5m (60")/minute. Cutting <4m (160")/minute and drilling <6mm (0.24") deep with diameters <50 microns (0.002"). Yag type. Maximum average power: 350W Maximum pulse energy: 50J Max peak 4.5kW Pulse width: 0.5 msec to >50 msec …

Nordson DAGE X-ray XD7600NT, vintage 2014

Year: 2014

Vintage: 2014 Working condition: tested working condition Includes X-plane option Running time ca 4000 hours New X-ray tube in 2020

Koh Young Zenith, L size, vintage 2015

Year: 2015

Available is a functional AOI system with following specifications: KOH YOUNG 3D AOI System, Model Zenith L-size Includes: Standard DELL PC Windows 7 64bit Ultimate Operating System Inspection Software with GUI Max PCB size: 510 x 510mm, 0.4-5mm Thickness, 5kg Clearance: 50mm Top, 50mm Bottom Supplies: 200~240V , 4~5 kgf/cm2 Machine Size: 1000 x 1265 x 1684 mm Weight: 600 …