Stable micro system TA.XTExpressC Texture Analyser Low working hours

Year: 2022

Texture analyzer from Stablemicrosystem UK, 95% new and used less than 20 times since installation, freshly examined lately.

3D scanner for small objects - LMI HDI 109 (Precalibrated) Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2017

Precalibrated non-contact 3D scanner. The scanner has the ability to scan small parts at a high level of accuracy. The HDI 109 is a turnkey solution that delivers a seamless 3D scanning experience from acquisition to post-processing of scans into a full digital 3D model. Includes: 1x HDI 109 sensor head (Blue Led) 1x USB dongle key (Software License) 1x …

7,120 €

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GB United Kingdom

CyberOPTICS SE500 3D SPI Inspection machine for electronics

Year: 2012

CyberOPTICS SE500 3D SPI available from stock. This machine has been fully serviced, tested and is ready to go in production. Vintage 06/2012.

Omron VT-RNS2 AOI machine

Year: 2011

Description generated online: The Omron VT-RNS2 is an advanced model of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machine manufactured by Omron, a global leader in industrial automation. Here's an overview of the Omron VT-RNS2 AOI machine: Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Technology: The Omron VT-RNS2 utilizes advanced optical imaging technology to inspect printed circuit boards (PCBs) for defects and quality issues. It scans …

Omron VT-S730 Inspection machine for electronics

Year: 2015

Inspection machine Manufacturer Omron Model VT-S730 year 2015

OMRON VT-S720-A Inspection machine for electronics

Year: 2013

Available is a good working condition OMRON VT-S720-A with angle view camera. It is a 2D machine.

Aleader ALD-ST3-450 SPI machine

Year: 2015

Description generated online: The Aleader ALD-ST3-450 is a model of solder paste inspection (SPI) machine manufactured by Aleader, specializing in automated optical inspection (AOI) and SPI equipment for electronics manufacturing. Here's an overview of the Aleader ALD-ST3-450 SPI machine: Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) Technology: Like other SPI machines, the ALD-ST3-450 is designed to inspect solder paste deposits on printed circuit …

CyberOPTICS QX-150i PCB machine

Year: 2014

CyberOPTICS QX-150i available from stock. Vintage 2014, upgraded to AI2. Fully functional condition.