AT7X2M-SDI special parts application machine, RX Zhuhai Ruixiang Co. LTD

Year: 2019

Nearly mint condition machine for the PCB manufacturing field, originally used for placing and sticking small aluminium heatsink plates on flexible LED strips. The machine works from a roll feeder unit and from bowl feeder unit also. The machine has AOI camera system embedded. Full comlete and clean machine. This machine could be used as for pick & place gear …

Ramatech AG SSX 1 PCB machine

Year: 1994

Production of cable bundles (core bundles). Printing of connectors, clamping with a binding gun. According to the file, it stops at the correct length, the operator prints the connector and cuts the wires and then connects the connector at the correct length (see.file below), the whole bundle is wound on the winch, where the first connector is connected to the …

LENZ RLG 470-2 PCB router

Year: 2006

High speed PCB router Lenz RLG 470-2. Routers are used for PCB routing, composites cutting or alumuinum housings. Linear motors, linear guides. White granite frame. Year of Manufacture : 2006. Made in Germany 2x spindles 60.000RPM. Max. feed: 25m/min. Precision of possitioning +/-0,003. Repeteability +/-0,002. Travels X470 Y650 Z50 Table size: 900x755 Machine Dimensions W x D x H: 1550 …



Conveyor PCB PROMASTECH PMTCV500 Conveyor PCB with automatic or manual mode Length: 700 mm Width: 500,0 mm Height: 950 mm Price to be discussed

Asymtek coating line with inspection PCB machine


Asymtek coating line with inspection 1.Loader Nutek NTM 110LM 2.Asymtek SL940 Conformal Coater vintage 2017 EasyCoat SW ECW 5.0 and ECW 6.0 with ECW Running Software First process Automatic width adjustment with select. by program Single Lane Conveyor - direction R->L PCB Fix Pins Vision Kamera for Fiducial SC-280 Prime valve (0-90° rotation) with heating and circulation system and viscosity …

Samec RC350 SD PCB machine

Year: 1997

Precision THT/PTH lead cutting machine Equipped with twin high-speed disk blades, brushes and shaving collection drawer Dimensions / weight: 1.72x0.9m H1.55m / 350kg Electrical connection: 230V - 50/60Hz Maximum energy absorption: 1400W PCB processing speed: 0 to 6 m/min PCB dimensions supported: 20 to 350mm in width, up to 320mm in length Maximum lead length processable: 22mm Blades rotation speed: …

AOI - Aleader ALD 770 PCB machine

Year: 2012

AOL Aleader ALD 770 year 2012 Input: AC230V M6.5A 50/60Hz 1.5KVA Dimensions 1300x900x1527 (mm) Weight: 790kg perfect condition, immediately available and operational

Hänel Rotomat 500 PCB machine

Year: 2005

Hänel Rotomat 500 tray dimensions: 2170 x 300 x 315 mm one front opening 11 shelves shelves dimensions: 2170 x 300 x 315 mm

Ecatech ECA 2000 H PCB machine Hot deal

Year: 2018

Ultrasonic misting device ECA 2000 H Ultrasonic misting device ECA 2000 H Ultrasonic fogger ECA 800 H more at:

2,590 €

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CZ Czech Republic

ORLANDI & ORLANDI IM600/05 PCB machine

Year: 2008

Horizontal machine for chemical galvanic treatment / etching / micro-ammoniac etching.

Tin alloy Sn99Ag + Sn99Ag0,3CuNiGe


1. Stop z tygla - Tin alloy: 525kg: Sn99Ag+Sn99Ag0,3CuNiGe 2. Nowy oryginalny stop w sztabkach 80kg - ten sam co wyżej Sn99Ag+Sn99Ag0,3CuNiGe

Laser Marker - YJ Link ALMC-CE - PCB

Year: 2015

LASER MARKER Manufacturer YJ Link Model ALMC-CE year 2015 Rete voltage : 220 VAC Rate current: 10 A Rate frequency : 50Hz perfect condition, immediately available and operational

Rommel LBE 55 loader

Year: 2000

Loader Rommel LBE 55 ... S. Year of construction 2000. CE machine.

Nutek NTM510ICM-100 PCB machine

Year: 2005

Transporter 100 Manufacturer Nutek Model NTM510ICM-100 year 2005 weight 60 kg

Nutek NTM510ICL-1500 PCB machine

Year: 2005

Transporter 150 Manufacturer Nutek Model NTM510ICL-1500 year 2005 weight 100 kg

EV Battery SK250 PCB machine

Year: 2005

Laboratory coating machine for the production of Anodes and Cathodes. good condition inspection possible

3,000 €

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CZ Czech Republic

ITW Camalot Dispenser, 8300-1 vintage 2018

Year: 2018

For sale is a fully functional ITW Camalot Dispenser 8300-1 dispenser, vintage 2018. 50" conveyor option, Right 2 Left configuration. Additional extras Weight scale, 3 heated zones and nano shot pump.

Rommel LAG 55 WA 470

Year: 2005

Unloader Rommel LAG 55 WA 470 year of construction 2005. CE machine.

TRI SII Plus (TR7007) Solder Paste Inspection machine

Year: 2014

Available is a Solder Paste Inspection machine from Test Research (TRI) SII Plus TR7007, 2014. Machine available starting from January 2024. Price and additional pictures, please reach out.

TRI TR7550 PCB machine

Year: 2012

Available is an AOI from TRI model S1 (TR7550) 2012. Working condition and stored. 2 units available upon ask. Further information and pictures, please feel free to contact.