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ORLANDI & ORLANDI IM600/05 PCB machine

Year: 2008

Horizontal machine for chemical galvanic treatment / etching / micro-ammoniac etching.

Camalot Xyflexpro+ 7200-3 Dispenser

Year: 2012

Camalot Xyflexpro+7200 Dispenser 6 Identical sets for sale. If you want to buy more than one set we can do a deal. All machines are in like new condition and excellent running condition Equipment Description Camalot Xyflexpro+ Model: 7200-3 Year 2012 Smart Stream Dispense System Weight Scale Laser Height Sensor Left to Right Pass Thru Conveyor Dispense Area: 22 x …

Datacon PPS 2200 PCB machine

Year: 1997

Type: PPS 2200 Producer: DATACON Created: 1997 parameters: Coloring: Lower cover: dark gray powder 56.900 70 M Upper panel: light gray powder 56.900 60 m Upper frame: ultramarine blue RAL 5002 Control surface: water blue RAL 5021 Control: VME bus / CAN bus Operator - Monitor / Operator - Interface: 15 "Flat Screen Monitor / Windows - similar Operating system: …

Asymtek S-910N Dispenser

Year: 2013

Asymtek S-910N Dispenser inline dual valve mount DJ9500 FOF : Fids-on-the-Fly™ Fids-on-the-Fly ™ high-speed fiducial capture software is up to 5.5X faster than the traditional stop-and-capture for locating fiducials and can increase UPH as much as 35 percent Pre-Dispense station Excellent condition Features and Benefits Slim design maximizes floor space utilization and lowers cost of ownership Digital vision system provides …

C-TECH Systems 500P hot bar soldering or sealing machine

Year: 2012

C-TECH Systems, type 500P machines for sale, 3 pieces all (3 complete machines). Used for hot bar sealing, ACF laminating, reflow applications. Price is given for ONE complete system.

MIYACHI PECO spot welding machines

Year: 2012

Miyachi Peco complete automated spot welder systems are available. Type list: ISQ20 Kompakt, MFP-NC-AWS3 head controller and generator, TRM3/1 welding output transformator, 2 work cables for high current, current loops for checking, AC servo welding head (MFP400-Z700H), AWS3 display HMI, some interconnection and data cables. Please note that there are 5 nearly identical sets available, price is given for ONE …

Nordson Asymtek Spectrum S-820B PCB machine

Year: 2014

Nordson Asymtek Spectrum S-820B Single-Stage Batch Dispenser (2014) Brand: Nordson Model: Asymtek Spectrum S-820B Year: 2014 Type: Single-Stage Batch Dispenser Configured with NexJet System (NJ-7) Machine specifications: Fluidmove® for Windows® XP Software Laptop Computer Heated Vacuum Tooling Plate (350 x 350mm) Pattern Recognition System Mass Flow Calibration Light Beacon: Red, Amber, Green, Blue Needle Sensor and Purge Station Heat Control: …

Parmi SPI HS60 Dispenser

Year: 2009

Parmi SPI HS60 Pattern Recognition Intelligence 3D Solder Paste Inspection HS60L Parmi Model Number: SPI HS60 Year 2009 Max PCB Size: 550 x 510 mm Min PCB Size: 50 x 50 mm Windows XP O/S Inspects Height, Area, Volume, Offset, Bridge, and all Colors, Pad F 18 x18 High frame rate camera system Easy to use with Gerber Input Power: …


Year: 2006


WISE IS PCB machine


Type: IS (WISE) alkaline etching system titanium Etching chamber dimensions: 1.3 x 2.0 H 2.4 m to air condenser Modules: inlet, etching chamber, replenisher, sink, control, Sn stripper, HP rinse 3-fold, control, dryer, outlet Dimensions: 9.1 x 1.37 m, working width 650 mm

HML RM 652 PCB machine


Scoring machine HML Machine / Weight: 1.9 x 2.0 H 1.5 m / 600 kg Electrical connection / air connection: 230V, 50/60 Hz / 6 bar Control: WIN XP Cutting speed: 0.5 to 40 m/min Positioning accuracy x u.z / y axis: ± 0.02 / 0.05 mm Jumps per scribe line: 0 to 20 Function / error: good, is ok. …

DIENER PlasmaBeam plasma surface technology PL-BEAM

Year: 2014

DIENER PlasmaBeam machines (2 pieces) with very low working hours. NEarly mint machines, complete with cable and head with nozzle. Last check and refurbishment last year (2020). The price is given for all the TWO units together!

Scheugenpflug DOS A310 PCB machine

Year: 2013

Base unit A 310 2K metering system, 250ccm piston pump component A Second piston pump component A 60 liter container with heater component A Heater for piston pumps component A Tank mixer 60l component A Vacuum system 2C with jet pump (up to 200mbar) Circulation, heated wire through the tank lid 3000mm component A 20 liter material reservoir B component …

Musashi FAD 2500 dispenser

Year: 2015

Musashi FAD 2500 dispenser There are total 5 sets for sale in working condition, 3 sets dual tracks, 2 sets single track, in-line type, no loader/unloader

Siplace 02 A0 magazine loader

Year: 1999

Working Siemens Siplace 02 A0 Magazine loader. Two magazines side by side.

Ergwind DFG5037P PCB machine

Year: 2013

Tile de-embedding system Bosch Rexroth Rectangular Rectangular Guides in UP class Bosch Rexroth Bolts in T3 class Mach3 control program Elte spindle 40 000 1 / min with the power of 2.2kW Heat exchanger for cooling the spindle Axis drives using servo motors Precise sensor for measuring tool length Computer to control the machine Working table area 500x375mm ER16 cutter …

Nutek NTE0710LL PCB machine

Year: 2005

NUTEK NTE0710LL Single Magazine Line Loader Brand: NUTEK Model: NTE0710LL YOM: 2005 SN: 2005-0138A02 and 2005-0138A03 (2 units available) Single Sided - or double-sided PCBs Maximum PCB Size: 457mm (L) x 407mm (W). Line Height: 950mm ±25mm. SMEMA Comms. Power: 220 Vac CE Marked Weight: 180 Kgs Automatically loads PCBs from an adjustable width Magazine (various sizes - sold separately) …

Fuji DSG-4200 Shuttle Gate Conveyor

Year: 1999

Fuji DSG-4200 Shuttle Gate Conveyor Model: DSG-4200 SN: 7944 Description: Shuttle Gate Volts: 120 Phase: Single Hertz: 60 Board Flow Direction: Left to Right Max PCB Width: 15.5 inches Max PCB Length: 43.5 inches Belt Track Length: 44.5 Conveyor Sections: 1 Section 1 Length: 44.5 inches Width Adjust Style: Hand Crank Maximum Width: 15.5 inches Skid Dims (LxWxH): 60" x …

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