Used screen printing equipment 26

Ekra E1 Screen printing machine

Year: 1999

PCB length 430 mm
Print speed 110 mm/s
PCB width 570 mm

Speedline MPM UP3000XL Screen printing machine

Year: 2002

PCB length 914 mm
Print speed 50 mm/s
PCB width 610 mm

DEK 265 Infinity Screen printing machine

Year: 1999

PCB length 510 mm
Print speed 2 mm/s
PCB width 508 mm

Unister ESE US1100V Screen printing machine

Year: 2008

Inline optical centring screen printer mod.Unister ESE US1100V with automatic PCB loading. Possibility of using various types of frames to stretch the foils.

DEK Horizon 03ix Screen printing machine

Year: 2014

PCB length 508 mm
Print speed 150 mm/s
PCB width 510 mm

EKRA XM Screen printing machine


Flexible frame size adjustable Squeegee currently 300mm Pneumatic circuit board clamping Manual fine adjustment for board alignment Fine adjustment of the height of the circuit board Speed ​​adjustment for parallel board separation (lowering the printing table after printing) Foot switch for opening after pressure (closing via electromagnets) and lowering of the circuit board Adjustable squeegee pressure and limitation of the …

DEK Horizon 03iX Screen printing machine

Year: 2012

PCB length 508 mm
Print speed 150 mm/s
PCB width 508 mm

MPM UP2000/B Screen printing machine

Year: 2001

2001 MPM screen printer, - squeegee, documentation included - the machine is 100% efficient, serviced. The reason for the sale is the purchase of a brand new Ersa Versaprint screen printing machine. We invite you to contact us and submit offers. The expected price is PLN 20,000 net. Technical documentation and photos attached.

DEK 248 - Perfecly working as new

Year: 2000

We are selling our semiautomatic screenprinting machine DEK248 because we are changing our business. The machine is almost new because it has been used only for prototypes and small batches. Any test, the machine is connected and working.

DEK Horizon 03iX Screen printing machine

Year: 2013

DEK Horizon 03iX ScreenPrinter Year of Manufacture: 2013 SW: 09 SP13 Machine Options 230 VOLT MACHINE SUPPLY VOLTAGE YES 620mm boards NO Advanced Board Insp. NO Advanced Stencil Insp. NO Automatic Fiducial Setup YES Basic board Insp. NO Basic stencil insp. NO CAM-X Protocol NO Deposit Verification NO Fast print speed YES Fixable Board Printing NO GEM/SECS NO HawkEye Bridging …

Used EKRA X5 Screen printing machine

Year: 2001

1 EKRA X5 stencil printer year 2001 1,00 4.500,00 4.500,00 - Inline system - Stencil underside cleaning - 2 1/2 D inspection - without quick tension frame - refurbished, service carried out - new computer

DEK Horizon 03i

Year: 2010

Configuration 2D Inspection Software Version 09 SP08 P04 Blue USC with Vacuum and external solvent tank Description The Horizon platform takes the pressure of modern production in its stride – from low-volume, specialist projects to high-speed, high-volume assembly – delivering maximum productivity through fast and faultless performance all the way. All Horizon platforms benefit from DEK’s robust chassis technology, featuring …

Speedline MPM Momentum Elite Screen Printer

Year: 2013

Speedline MPM In-Line Screen Printer Max Board Size: 24″ x 20″ Min Board Size: 2″ x 2″ Software: Benchmark V3.4.0 Camera: Single Digital Board Hold Down Fixed Top Clamps Programmable Squeegee Print Head Closed Loop Stencil Wiper Complete & Operational

3D Systems - Projet 5500 X

Year: 2018

X – Travel 533mm 20,99inch Y – Travel 381mm 15,01inch Z – Travel 300mm 11,82inch Plastic printer yes yes Polymer printer yesµm yesµm Resolution 0,025 – 0,05 mm per 25,4 mmDpi 0,025 – 0,05 mm per 25,4 mmDpi Dimensions Length 1.700 mm 66,93 Inch Width 1.000 mm 39,38 Inch Height 1.750 mm 68,9 Inch Weight 1.200 kg 2.646 lbs

The market for used PCB screen printers has diversified as electronics manufacturing equipment has developed. From manual screen printing tables, to fully automatic screen printing machines, buyers have a range of capabilities and price ranges available when purchasing a screen printer.

With that in mind, defining the specification for your screen printer purchase is essential. In addition to machinery age, running hours and price, the following technical specifications should be taken into account:
  • PCB length and width accommodated
  • PCB thickness accommodated
  • Print speed
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic control
As electronics manufacturing machinery transitioned from manual to automatic large-scale operations, the range of peripheral components on offer expanded. These peripheral components can add further costs to the machinery purchase, but many are also essential for modern PCB screen printing techniques. Common peripherals include:
  • Screen printing table
  • Keyboard, monitor and additional computer hardware
  • Understencil wiper
  • Vacuum cleaning system
  • Temperature control unit
  • Board support pins
  • Squeegee blades
Having established your specification for a PCB screen printer and identified a machine with the necessary peripheral components, it is important to consider training and setup. In many cases a manual won’t be sufficient and, with many used machines outside of manufacturer warranty, internal resources may need to be supplemented by implementation services offered by the dealer or manufacturer.